The biggest and best industry gathering each year for the metalforming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries is FABTECH. The event alternates between Chicago, Atlanta, and Las Vegas each year. This year, the Metal Manufacturing industry show was held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill.


McCormick Place is one of the largest event and convention centers in the United States and FABTECH17 carries about 50,000 visitors each year, with 1,700 booths covering 750,000 square feet of the facility. This event provides a unique experience to meet with world-class suppliers and learn about the latest industry products, developments and new technologies to provide improved productivity and increase profits, along with new techniques in metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing.

Our participation over the years has been increasingly beneficial to the industry; as well as, to our own growth. We continue to meet new clients, suppliers, and vendors that we can work with in our industry. While there, we enjoy seeing the new technologies including presses, stamping, tooling and design software that can improve efficiency.

Our preparation for the event begins months before the show. This year it actually began 6 months prior to the trade show with the creation of a new video to be played at the booth, along with a whole new website (www.uelnertool.com), as well as a new presentation to introduce us to our prospective new customers.


We are also announcing that at FABTECH 2018, Uelner will be doubling the size of our booth space compared to what we’ve had in the past. We have already booked our space (A1445) for the massive Atlanta show. By booking early, we are in a prime location, making us easier to find. Look for us right between the PMA booth and the food court, right in the main area as you first enter the event. With this expansion, we are also adding some tables, new features, and a whole new look. Be sure to stop and see us and enjoy some of the new amenities that we are adding to our booth. These additions will allow us to better serve our current and new clients while we are there.

Along with the new technologies presented by everyone from press manufacturers, bending and forming, assembly, lasers, lubrication, stamping, and tool and die companies, there were new advancements to be shown with design software.

The PMA used the opportunity to celebrate their 75th anniversary, and on Monday, invited all of the members of Precision Metalforming Association (pma.org) for drinks and appetizers at their booth. David Arndt, The Chairman of the Board for PMA, made a toast and thanked all of the members for their continued support of the organization. After the toast and announcements, Brad Kueter, sales/engineering, had the opportunity to spend about 20 minutes speaking with Mr. Arndt about Uelner’s position in the industry, new developments on the shop floor, as well as some new techniques that they are working on. Brad stated that this was a real honor for him to meet, in his words, “The Man” in the industry.

Brad Kueter at the APT Booth FABTECH17

Thursday during the week of FABTECH is a much slower day, with fewer attendees than the rest of the week. This presents a unique opportunity for us to actually leave the booth for a bit and get to see all of the other vendors and suppliers that we regularly work with in the industry. Not only can you find brand new equipment like presses, benders, punches etc., you can also find some recycling businesses that offer services to remove your old equipment, refurbish it and resell it at great low rates Additionally, there are services such as business development, painting, software and many other technologies that make our industry more efficient and effective.

In conclusion, FABTECH is something that we believe everyone in our industry should be attending each year. We really look forward to revealing our new booth space at FABTECH 2018 (A1445) in Atlanta, GA. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and our website for new blog posts, stories and updates to the industry and services that Uelner Precision Tools and Dies will be rolling out in the future.

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