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For over 70 years we have provided industry leading Tool and Die making solutions to the stamping industry with local craftsmanship and work ethics.

Key Milestones & Dates

Celebrating over 70 years in business, Uelner Precision Tools & Dies, (UTD) Inc. has developed a reputation as a quality, full-service tool & die company. Tom Uelner, bought the business from his grandfather, Felix. Tom recognized that our future was dependent on investing in equipment and employees. Tom reinvested heavily in the company and began developing apprenticeship programs. Over the past 30 years, UTD has expanded numerous times expanding to its current 55,000 square foot facility.

In 1997, the company moved forward with plans to add production stamping to complement its product mix of building tools and dies. In 2007, Uelner invested in designing and building specialty deep draw filter housing line which is a product that has high demand because of environmental issues and a select few manufacturers. Today, UTD operates with 16 presses ranging in size from 90 tons to 1500 tons that support die try-out and our production customers.

Uelner Precision Tools and Dies designs and builds high-quality metal stamping dies and produces metal stampings for a variety of customers including the Automotive, Agricultural, Emissions, Appliances, ATV, HVAC, Lawn and Garden, Fluid Filtration, Power Generation, Construction and over the road truck.

In 2001, UTD achieved ISO Certification through Eagle Registration and continues to be audited yearly to maintain this certification. UTD has received a preferred Ford Motor Certification for metal stamping and is also an approved John Deere vendor. Uelner is recognized as a worldwide supplier of sales that include Mexico, Germany and Canada. Thanks to our experienced employees, high-quality work, certifications and facilities, Uelner is in a unique position to provide high to low volume stampings; as well as, be a complex tooling supplier.


UTD continues to be on the cutting edge of technology, investing in equipment, employees, quality processes, shipping and inventory control all to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers.

Dubuque, Iowa


Local Craftsman for over 70 years.

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