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Our Mechanical Engineering teams work with everyone in the company to get the design right the first time.
Mechanical Engineering

Turnkey Solutions, Design & Build

With everything we do being in-house, our teams can collaborate instantly to make sure your timeline is met with great efficiency. This also allows for the teams to work together to troubleshoot problems before they even happen.

Our Tooling and Engineering Team provides the innovative solutions needed to take a project from concept to finished product. Our expertise and experience in building and maintaining dies of all types sets us apart from our competitors. With our Midwestern values in craftsmanship and enduring drive to keep your costs down while making the process simpler and more efficient, our teams constantly review part specifications to make sure that all product requirements and standards are top notch. We strive to make the most efficient designs, while shortening lead times all the while delivering to our customers the highest grade of products.




Our Fluid filtration and cylinder development processes are revolutionary in this industry. With a shortage of presses, operators and companies making these particular designs, we have come up with a process to make these types of drawn cylinders that is more efficient with stronger results.

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