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At Uelner Precision Tools & Dies, we not only have a close connection with our customers to make sure that everything goes smoothly with our interactions and projects, we also carry a high level of importance on our relationships with our vendors.

In the coming blogs, you will see a regular Vendor Spotlight to let you see just how much importance we put on these relationships.

For our very first Vendor Spotlight, we have chosen AP&T Presses.

Working with any vendor or supplier means that we have to build a relationship with them over time, and as of course, you know, a purchase of any press or tool to use in our industry is a major decision.

AP&T presses are one of the top quality press manufactures in the world with years of research and development behind it with their partnership in the Automotive and Climate / Energy industries. AP&T has been producing some of the finest and most reliable presses and automation solutions for over 50 years.

The presses and automation systems created by AP&T are developed with specific industries in mind. The automotive industry alone has some of the tightest regulations and a need for lighter weight materials that are stronger than those of older, heavier materials. By creating new technologies and solutions needed for this industry opens them up to be able to spread that technology throughout the metal forming world.

At Uelner, we are currently using the AP&T 450 ton for severe deep draw applications in the heavy off-road emissions market, along with developing deep draw processes for 8mm high strength aluminum for over the road trucks.

Working with AP&T has been great. Our interactions include everything from the purchase, shipment, installation and even working to develop new ways of using the press controls to customize its functions to meet our needs. Even though they are a Swedish company, they are a global presence with offices all over the world to keep a local supply and sales force for easy access to sales, support, and service

If you are in the United States, make sure that you contact Stefan Knudsen, over at AP&T USA / 704-904-6284 /

ABOUT AP&T [Sweden]

AP&T has been developing high-quality production solutions for the sheet metal forming industry for over 50 years. Today they are a global player that focuses on sustainable solutions for customers that are primarily active in the automotive, climate & energy and roof drainage industries. Their headquarters, development activities and the majority of their production are located in Sweden. Complete solutions for sheet metal forming AP&T offers complete production systems, automation, presses, tooling and aftermarket services for manufacturers of formed metal parts.


Yes, we are very old fashion. At Uelner, we believe in many old fashion values, like hard work, great customer service and an old fashioned handshake. And as times are changing and methods are changing all over the world, we have decided to embrace some of those changes also. Not by losing our values, but by growing with the world and the industry. Since 2006 we have had the same website built on the same technology, our reputation precedes us in the industry but with the ever changing landscape of the internet, digital technology, social media and the shrinking size of the world, we are going with this new flow.

So here is our New Website

Now this isn’t going to be just an online brochure of our services and products, this will be the new place for the entire tool and die industry to follow as we update it regularly with our blog of news and information on updating technology within our industry. We are going to provide up to date information for our customers to follow as well to educate them on processes, materials and methods to streamline their manufacturing needs as well as give them an idea as to how to proceed whether we can handle their needs or if there is someone else that can help them with a solution.

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