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Uelner Precision Tools & Dies is a full-service tool and die manufacturer encompassing 65,000 square feet in Dubuque, IA. For over 71 years, we have provided precision tooling around the world with the emphasis on craftsmanship and quality. Our press department includes hydraulic presses, APT 4 cylinder and mechanical presses for die production up to 1500 tons with 206“ bed capable of transfer and coil feed to keep your manufacturing process running smoothly and profitably. Uelner is ISO certified. Call us now to find out how our experience can serve you.




Our in-house design staff with over 150 years of combined experience, uses the latest Visi solid modeling software to create accurate strip layouts, tool designs, and check fixtures. Visi also allows us to quickly perform simple form simulation to confirm our design is heading in the right direction. We also invite our customers to be a central part of our design reviews. From a quick phone call to a sit down at their facility, we make sure everyone agrees on the design concept before even one piece of steel is ordered or a chip flies off our machining centers.

Tool Build

Our Journeyman tool and die makers machine, build and try out a wide range of metal stamping dies including Progressive, Automatic Transfer, Hand Transfer, Blanking, Fixtures, Extreme deep draw, Prototype tooling & Special machines. Our in-house presses give us the opportunity to try out your dies, make modifications, and run off the tooling here at our facility. Thus limiting the risk when the tool first runs in your press. We also run into parts that require heavy wall extrusions, severe draws, complicated forms, and even in-die clinch nut and stud insertion. These situations are where my toolmakers shine and show the combined knowledge of over 250 years on the bench.


Equipped with 90-1500 ton stamping presses, with bed capacity up to 204“ x 66“, our metal stamping presses can produce parts from a variety of materials and grades, such as HSLA 50 – 120, 300 and 400 series stainless steel, to standard carbon steels. Uelner offers a range of production methods that meet the highest automotive industry standards. Here at Uelner, we have the expert personnel on the production floor, backed by our full-service tool and die shop, to get you your parts on time and to print day in and day out, no matter if it is 10 parts or 1 million while meeting your quality standards.

Emergency Support

We welcome the opportunity to support stamping facilities when you have a need for temporary or emergency runs. With the number of tools we build here every year, we have to keep press time open for die tryout. This allows us to have time on the production floor to assist with your over capacity or press down situations. Our presses and team are available to you when and if you need them. Our goal is to meet your customer’s deadlines when you are at capacity or are temporarily down for repair. With reasonable pricing and skilled staff, we can help you meet your schedule, remain competitive, and most importantly, meet the ship dates to your customer.

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The job market for the Tool and Die industry has never been stronger. With new deregulation and even more products being made in the USA once again, the need for skilled journeyman has never been this large since the industrial revolution. Take advantage of what Uelner Precision Tools and Dies has to offer with apprenticeships programs and internal “hire from within“ metrics.

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